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We are proud to announce that we are relocating our Northeast training facility to Oakland, New Jersey, just outside New York City. This move should be completed by early September 2015.

AxcessRescue provides industrial safety, rescue, confined space, work at height, competent climber and rope access training to those who want to solve operational issues effectively and efficiently with simple rigging solutions in order to perform work or rescue those in need. We firmly believe companies and individuals seek training that is better than what is commonly available.

We provide simple, focused training that fulfills needs without overwhelming students with needless information.

In addition to our scheduled courses, we can also provide last minute, client specific training depending upon our availability and the number of students needing training.

Our core training areas are:

  1. Rope Access including Bridge Access, Safety and Rescue

  2. Wind Turbine Safety and Rescue

  3. Fall Protection, Industrial Safety and Rescue

  4. Confined Space Entry and Rescue

  5. Competent Climber
    (Tower and Communications Industry)

  6. Rope Rescue

rope access training, fall protection training, wind turbine training, confined space training, rope rescue training, competent climber training, tower training, technical rescue training

SPRAT Rope Access Training
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