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AxcessRescue Course Refunds

and Other Polices:

Courses are refundable minus a $125.00 administrative fee if request is made 31 days or more prior to start of course.

Courses are refunded minus a $500.00 fee if request is made 15 days or more prior to the start of course.

Courses are not refundable 14 days or less prior to start of course, nor for the inability of a student to complete a course.

Please contact us to make arrangements for special circumstances that may require variation from our refund policy.

Absolutely no refunds are given for a students inability to complete a course.

AxcessRescue courses are filled on a first paid/first served basis. We appreciate early registrants. Sometimes our courses fill and we hold course seats according to the registrants that have paid in full. Please contact us if you have circumstances to discuss.

Course refunds due to inability to complete a course are not available. If a student is unable to complete the course for any reason, no substitutions, refunds, or credits will be allowed and no course time in subsequent courses be provided without additional fees. If a student does not show up for their first scheduled course day, unless there is prior approval from AxcessRescue, they will have forfeited their seat in the course and no refunds will be provided. If a student misses any day or portion of a day of the course for any reason whatsoever, the student will be responsible for the missed time. There is no guarantee that time will permit individualized instruction to get that student caught up. If the student consequently decides to discontinue the course, no course refunds or future course credit will be offered.

AxcessRescue reserves the right to cancel courses for any reason. This typically does not occur. Some potential reasons for course cancellation include but are not limited to low course student registrations, severely inclement weather (disaster), pandemic, or major instructor illness (typically alternate instructor will fill in). Full refunds will only be provided in the event that AxcessRescue initiates course cancellation for the above reasons. AxcessRescue is not responsible for student expenditures or work loss due to course cancellations. We work very hard to avoid this type of situation.

Course attendees will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to starting the course. A copy of that waiver is here:

AxcessRescue Course Liability Form

All courses are presented in English unless otherwise stipulated. Please contact us directly for information regarding courses taught in languages other than English. To ensure student safety, AxcessRescue reserves the right to turn away student(s) who demonstrate an inability to communicate safely and effectively in English unless prior arrangements for foreign language accommodations have been made. No refunds will be provided in this case.

Each student must bring to the first day of course, a valid government issued form of identification (passport, drivers license, military ID, etc.).

Students SHOULD NOT bring any personal equipment except a work at height helmet with chinstrap. We will provide a sanitized helmet if needed.

Rope Access Course Specific Information:

For rope access courses, students are responsible to retrieve pertinent reading material to prepare themselves for the SPRAT written test. This material is available free of charge at and includes the SPRAT Safe Practices for Rope Access Work, SPRAT Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work, and SPRAT Defined Terms documents. This is self study material and will not be reviewed during course time. It is expected that students will prepare themselves prior to attending the course.

The SPRAT written test will be administered following lunch break the day before the practical skills evaluation unless otherwise stipulated on the 4th day of the course. The last day of each course is reserved for the SPRAT practical skills evaluation unless otherwise stipulated. There will be no additional practice time or course content presentation on this day.

Each student is responsible for passing both the SPRAT written test and the SPRAT practical skills evaluation. AxcessRescue cannot guarantee, nor is AxcessRescue responsible for student outcomes on these tests. There are no refunds or substitutions provided for test failure. There are fees to re-take any part of the test and/or refresher training.

There is a $100.00 fee for re-taking a failed written test. There may be limitations as to when the written test can be administered due to SPRAT requirements (see for details) or test proctor availability.

There is a $595.00 fee for re-taking a SPRAT skills and written test re-evaluation. This fee does not include any additional training or practice time. There may be limitations as to when a re-evaluation may occur due to SPRAT requirements (see for details), evaluator availability, space in an evaluation session, or scheduling limitations at AxcessRescue.

Course attendees will be required to self check and sign a responsibilities form verifying that they have been informed of their responsibilities throughout their course and during the SPRAT Evaluation process. A copy of that form can be found here:

SPRAT Certification requires that each student has a valid email and mailing address and this is provided to AxcessRescue.