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fall protection training

AxcessRescue is proud to be the first training company in the world to offer SPRAT certification compliant fall protection training. We were part of the SPRAT certification development team and have the first training facility designed to meet the rigorous standards established by SPRAT.

AxcessRescue provides fall protection training that is based upon worker applications. We have state of the art facilities that include a wide variety of equipment and environment choices. This includes equipment from a variety of manufacturers and our training environments provide indoor and outdoor facilities with a full complement of work at height and safety training props. These props include towers, ladders, vertical and horizontal systems, roofs and edges, and hands-on work scenarios amongst others. We are constantly upgrading our facilities with expanded opportunities for students to experience a realistic work environment. We can also provide training at any suitable location in the United States and internationally.

We provide all levels of fall protection training including awareness, basic fall protection (authorized person), and advanced (competent person) with rescue.

AxcessRescue fall protection courses meet and exceed the following standards:


• 2017 OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces regulations

• ANSI Z490.1 adult training criteria in safety, health and environmental training

• ANSI A10.32 fall protection for construction

• Z359.2 standard minimum requirements for comprehensive managed fall protection programs

• OSHA regulations including 2017 Walking-Working Surfaces