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AxcessRescue offers innovative, unique tower access and rescue training to electrical utilities. Our state of the art facilities in the NYC area, provide unparalleled opportunity for students to climb towers, ladders, monopoles, and other structure props providing training in the basic fundamentals of climbing and working safely and efficiently at height. In addition, basic and advanced rescue techniques are presented to provide for self and co-worker rescues. We provide the foundational skills at our specialized training facility and can further train on de-energized client structures.

We have developed unique vertical and dead-end ladder access techniques that are taught nowhere else in the world.

Our courses far exceed OSHA standards for fall protection and compliance with 29 CFR 1910.269.

All AxcessRescue tower access and rescue courses meet and exceed the following standards:

• ANSI Z490.1 adult training criteria in safety, health and environmental training

• ANSI A10.32 fall protection for construction

• Z359.2 standard minimum requirements for comprehensive managed fall protection programs

• OSHA regulations including CFR 1910.269 and 2017 Walking-Working Surfaces

We believe you will find our programs to be substantially improved over the current industry standard. Our courses are predominantly hands-on with an extensive variety of climbing and rescue scenarios presented in realistic settings, and incorporate new techniques. Students perform multiple skills and rescues and are given sufficient time to practice each. In other words, you are performing the task, not just watching an instructor do it. We are unrivaled in student satisfaction.

AxcessRescue training is physically demanding and requires a strong level of physical fitness. You will be required to climb and descend rope for the entire duration of the class and evaluation session. Prospective attendees that exceed 210 pounds or those that have physical fitness concerns should contact us prior to course registration. Attendees must be able to, at a minimum, squat and stand without assistance 10 times. Leg strength is required to continuously climb and to perform complex rope access maneuvers. All students are encouraged to see their doctor prior to starting any of our courses. Those with cardiac conditions, obesity, surgeries within the past 12 months, or other physical impairments are responsible to see their doctor prior to attempting an AxcessRescue course.  AxcessRescue is not and cannot be responsible for inability to complete a course or successfully pass an evaluation session, or for any condition arising from the exertion required to participate in a course. Course refunds due to inability to complete a course are not available. AxcessRescue is not and cannot be responsible for the failure to read this information in full. This disclaimer is not and cannot be fully inclusive of all potential reasons for attendees inability to complete a strenuous activity such as a rope access or tower climbing course.

Course attendees will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to starting the course.