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rope access training

Rope access is a safe and efficient means to access areas that require inspection, construction, or maintenance. It can serve a wide variety of trades such as engineers, painters, window cleaners, building and structure inspectors, communication tower workers, offshore gas and oil technicians,  and many others.

Rope access relies on the following to create the highest level of safety attainable for work at height tasks:

• Skilled use of equipment

• Competent person oversight

• Job hazard analysis utilization

• Training, employer and client support

• Trade skill of the worker

The concept relies upon a two rope system. The main rope represents a work positioning system that allows the worker to both climb and descend as needed. This includes horizontal movement of the worker. The second rope, referred to as a backup rope, serves as a constant, low impact, fall arrest system. When a well trained rope access worker is utilizing a properly established rope access system, the fall potential is far lower than any typical fall arrest system and can approach zero fall potential.

If for some reason a worker became endangered, quality rope access training provides that worker with the means to self-rescue themselves and get out of harms way. In the rare event that the worker became incapacitated while working on rope, rope access trained co-workers are capable of rescuing the worker in a prompt manner. Through hazard mitigation and rescue planning, rope access provides these workers the confidence and expertise to assist a co-worker in need in a timely manner.

What is Rope Access?